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Makiko Aoyama

Sophie Arstall

Antigone Avdi

Laura Burns

Mariana Camiloti

Lavinia Cascone

Antonio de la Fe

Martyr of another time

completed with stick and stone.

He couldn’t get the science

of cupcakes, running shoes and Italian dining.

He wanted so much not to be herself.

Kathleen Downie

Margaret Faith Dewes

Kate Hilder

Susan Kempster

Sarah Kent

Aya Kobayashi

Manou Koreman

Wriggly lines lie with wuthering wellness where

you are



Inari Hulkkonen

Lizzy Le Quesne

Jan Lee

Being tall under a willow tree

Sifting through branches

Hangs a banana
Yellow against soft green
Bright orange sunshine is its friend
I reach till its dropped
The wind is my name
Bence Mezei

Stefania Petroula

He told me he loved me in 14 languages

that I couldn’t understand.

Martino Redaelli

Delphine Robet

Petra Söör

Marianne Tuckman

He told me he loved me in 14 languages

that I couldn’t understand.

Robert Vesty

Wood breaks, stars jump, the finger talks.

If blue were a feeling, this is it.

Daisies are dying in the fields.

Fish sink,

With the politicians quaffed words.